• Hari Aashan’s Sree Parameswara Thulunadan Kalari

    Hari Aashan Has started Sreeparameswara Kalari in 2006 with the blessings and guidance by his Guru and father Shri. AV. Chandrasekhara Pillai

    Hari aashan has acquired many kalari vidyas in general from renounced Gurus, and Thulunadan lahalamura , Saivamura including secret vidyas particularly from his main Guru and Sidhayogi Guru Sivasakthi Swaroopananda.


    Lahalamura has evolved from saivathandava which appear due to angry of God Siva. The secret Vidyas of Thulunadan Kalari is lahalamura at initial stage which turns to Saivamura at higher levels Lahalamura Gives training to counter armed men with bare hand and the movements and manthravidyas.

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